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2014 Notice of Assessments

Please note the following statement was incorrectly printed on the notices:

"The change in taxable value will increase/decrease your tax bill for this year by approximately: $0.00"

2014 Millage Rates have not been approved,  so the dollar change for your tax bill could not be calculated at this time.



Click here for information regarding the important change to

Personal Property Tax Law beginning in 2014

Click here for information on Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

Mission Statement

Mission:  Our Mission is to provide the property owners of the City of Dearborn Heights with fair and equitable assessments in a manner that complies with the constitution and laws of the State of Michigan and the Charter of the City of Dearborn Heights.


Informational Links

Informational link for Department of Treasury  provides quick and easy access to many on-line forms.     Property Transfer Affidavit (Form L-4260), Principal Residence Exemption (Form 2368), Personal Property Statements (Form L-4175-tax yr.); refer to Treasury's website for a complete list of the forms available. 


                 2013 Property Sale Information - (10-1-2011 to 09-30-2012)

                                   Instructions                         Map                     Spreadsheets


 Millage Rates-2013 

School District   Homestead Non-Homestead (rental/business) Industrial-Personal Commercial Personal
D24 Dearborn     57.4275        69.2575      51.4275       63.4275
D25A Wayne-Westland     52.4005       70.4005      46.4005       58.4005
D26 Crestwood     46.1483       64.1483      40.1483       52.1483
D27 Taylor      46.1483       64.1483      40.1483       52.1483
D28 DearbornHghts#7     50.8165       68.8165      44.8165       56.8165
D29 Westwood     46.1483       64.1483      40.1483       52.1483


Click here for information regarding the important change to Personal Property Tax Law beginning in 2014


Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

As you maybe aware,  Michigan disabled veterans are now eligible for full property tax exemption following the signing of P.A. 161 by the Governor.  As we move forward with the implementation of this exemption, we are looking to get the word out to all disabled veterans.  Please see the Disabled Veterans Exemption Affidavit link below which is required to be filed annually with the local assessor along with a yearly letter (sample link below) from the Department of Veterans Affairs addressing the veterans type and percentage of disability, receipt of pecuniary assistance for specially adapted housing or declaring an individual unemployable.

Please note that as part of this new legislation,  it is retroactive to include the 2013 tax year, so it is imperative that the affidavit is submitted to the local assessor prior to December 10, 2013 to be eligible for the 2013 year.


Frequently Asked Questions 

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