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Tactical Response Unit

       The Tactical Response Unit (TRU) is a designated unit of sworn police officers from the Dearborn Heights Police Department which is specifically trained and equipped to work as a coordinated unit to respond to critical incidents including hostage situations, barricaded suspects, snipers, terrorist acts and other high-risk incidents.  As a matter of department policy, the TRU may also be deployed to serve high-risk warrants, both arrest and search, where public or officer safety issues compel the use of such a unit.  The primary purpose of the Dearborn Heights Tactical Response Unit is to save lives.

       Members of the TRU are highly-trained professionals.  After undergoing extensive initial training in basic SWAT operations,  the TRU constantly trains throughout the year.  The TRU members spend hundreds of hours training each year in a wide variety of weapons and tactics and also lead the training of road patrol personnel in responding to critical incidents and active shooter situations.