20th District Court

25637 Michigan Avenue,  Dearborn Heights,  MI 48125      313.277.7480

STATE SEALMark J. Plawecki
District Court Chief Judge

David D. Turfe
District Court Judge

Magistrate Abraham
Magistrate Fadlallah

Payment Options:
- Online
 by clicking the following link allpaid.com using PLC 6715
- Dropping off to drop box (brown) located outside the building 
- Postal Mail
***  Payments will not be taken in person at this time, please pay online, by mail or use the brown drop box located outside of the building  ***
***  Civil filings will not be taken in person at this time, please send by mail or use the brown drop box located outside of the buidling  ***

Helpful Resources while partially closed:
* Please visit https://michiganlegalhelp.org/ for legal help & court forms*
**(explanation letter/form) may be emailed to 20dcre@gmail.com
** May email 20dcre@gmail.com for hearing request on civil infraction/parking tickets or general questions.
** May email 20dc.civil@gmail.com
 for general questions ONLY (no filings) for General Civil, Small Claims, or Landlord Tenant cases
Closed to the Public for walk-in business.  Doors will be open 9am - 1pm for appointments only.  Staff will be available for phone calls 9 - 11am and 2 -5pm.  

**For Civil matters, a great resource visit:  Michigan’s Community Dispute Resolution Program (CDRP) centers, called “MI-Resolve can be accessed by visiting https://wcdrc.org/ for more information
Through MI-Resolve, parties can go online to negotiate directly with the other party, or have a CDRP center mediator help them resolve their dispute. If the dispute is resolved, the system produces the necessary court forms for filing in the individual courts. Importantly, the service is free, involving no cost to the parties or court.
Please visit https://wcdrc.org/ for more information.

**Warrants - please contact the court at (313) 277-7480 or email 20dcre@gmail.com for questions. **

                                          ****  EMERGENCY NOTICE  ****                                                                                    (Please read) - Updated July 6, 2020)
     COVID-19: to help prevent the spread of the virus and orders from the Michigan Supreme Court, the 20th District Court will continue to operate with limited capacity.  Hearings will be handled remotely to the maximum extent possible indefinately.   Some hearings will scheduled that require in-person appearance, this will be done by appointment only - no walk-in hearings.  Doors will be open 9am - 1pm for appointments only.  Staff will be available for phone calls 9 - 11am and 2 -5pm.  

We understand that this is unique and unprecedented situation and want to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our court employees and everyone who comes to the court.  The goal is to lower the risk and protect coworkers, family, friends from the spread of the virus.  Our goal is to keep our workforce & patrons healthy, and maintain essential operations over the coming weeks and months.  That being said, please do not come to the court if:
-  You are sick
-  Have been exposed to someone who has been sick
-  Have a compromised immune system
-  Have traveled internationally within the last 14 days

Visitors will be screened by court security for COVID, your temperature will be taken, you will be asked a series of questions

ALL walk-in explanation hearings Monday, Wednesday & Friday have been postponed/suspended.

All Jury trials are postponed.  Court will notify parties of new date.

Probation reporting will be done via telephone.  In-person reporting will be postponed/suspended until further notice.  Please contact the probation department for more information at (313) 277-7138.

If you have a scheduled presentence investigation or alcohol assessment, contact the probation department.

***  Those individuals who fail to appear without having contacted the court first, may be defaulted in civil cases, or have a bench warrant issued in criminal cases.  Failure to answer a traffic/parking citation within 15 days will be defaulted  ***  Failure to appear for your remote hearing may  be defaulted or have a warrant issued ***

*     Essential parties for scheduled hearings will be admitted

The following individuals will not be given access to the building as they will be considered non-essential parties:
*     Any individual accompanying an individual with a scheduled court date
*     Children (Unless the child is a party to a court case)
*     Individuals with general questions - May call (313) 277-7480 for questions
*     Individuals wishing to make a payment - payments made be made online at 
           www.govpaynow.com (see link on top of page) or by mail, or by using the brown drop box located outside the building
*     Admitting with an explanation - may submit a letter of explanation via email at 20dcre@gmail.com  
           or by mail within 15 days. (see top of page for link)
*     Requesting an informal/formal hearing - you may email your request via 20dcre@gmail.com or send request via postal mail within 15 days.

**   Staff is available to process online payments and check email correspondence and perform essential functions.  We encourage users to make payments online, request court dates, submit letters of explanations via  email or postal mail. **

Please contact the court if you have any questions at (313) 277-7480

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
**** ARRAIGNMENTS Monday - Friday at 9:00 am ****
(Court Holidays)

25637 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn Heights, MI  48125
Southeast corner of Michigan Ave & Beech Daly



ADA Coordinator:  Michelle Adkins
Request for Reasonable Accommodations click here (mc 70)
Grievance Procedure under the ADA act click here (instructions)