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Jail Operations

     The Dearborn Heights Police Department maintains its own 24-hour jail facility within the Dearborn Heights Justice Center.  The department can house up to 25 prisoners in its main jail with the ability to house 10 additional prisoners in its auxiliary jail facility located under the court annex.  The jail facility houses all persons arrested by members of the department for crimes committed within the City of Dearborn Heights.  The jail facility also houses prisoners arrested by the Michigan State Police and those persons arrested by federal agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I call to find out prisoner or bond information?
A:  Contact the jail facility at 313.277.7393.

Q: What is the visitation policy of the Dearborn Heights Police Department?
A:   Visitation of a prisoner is limited to the prisoner's attorney. 

Q: Can I retrieve property from persons being housed in Dearborn Heights Jail Facility?
A:  Property of a prisoner may be retrieved only with the express permission of the prisoner.

Q: Can I drop off food for a prisoner?
A:  No outside food is allowed to be given to a prisoner unless the police desk supervisor determines
       that there is a bona fide medical or religious necessity for the outside food.


Q: Can I drop off prescription medicine for a prisoner?
A:  Prescription medicine can only be dropped off for a prisoner if it is in its original prescription bottle
       containing the prisoner's name on it.

Q.  I have questions about a letter I received about the incarceration charge.  What number    do I call?

A.  The phone number for is 313.277.7389