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Veterans, Families & Caretakers Assistance Event                Scheduled for June 24

Wayne County (District 8) Commissioner Diane Webb is hosting her 4th annual Veterans, Families & Caretakers event Wednesday, June 24 in Redford. Over 30 government and non-profit veterans agencies will be in attendance to provide assistance to veterans, their family members and/or caretakers with education and employment, VA healthcare and enrollment, filing and checking claims, DD214 replacement, emergency services, and much more. The event is open to all Veterans, regardless of where they reside.

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Berwyn Senior Center's Senior Expo is June 24

The Berwyn Senior Center's 2015 Senior Expo will take place at the Berwyn Senior Center (26155 Richardson) Wednesday, June 24 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The event will include displays from several vendors, raffle prizes, and more. Food will be available for purchase. Admission to the event is free.

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Lions Club 31st Annual Charity Golf Scramble is June 26

Golfers - mark June 26 on your calendar - the Dearborn Heights Lions Club's 31st Annual Charity Golf Scramble will take place at the Gateway Golf Course in Romulus. The event includes golfing, breakfast, lunch, dinner and more.

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Golfview Manor Subdivision Garage Sale is June 25-28

Garage salers - mark June 25-28 on your calendar . . . that's the date of the Golfview Mananor Civic Association's annual subdivision-wide garage sale.

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Dearborn Heights' 11th Annual City-Wide Garage Sale is August 8

Attention Garage salers: the City of Dearborn Heights' 11th annual City-Wide Garage Sale will take place Saturday, August 8 on the grounds of the Canfield Community Center (Beech Daly, just South of Ford Road) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Spaces are still available at $25 for residents / $35 for non-residents -- but they are going fast, so book your space now!

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WOW! Cable Users:
Is Your Government Access Channel Scrambled?

Not long ago, WOW! cable TV subscribers received a message explaining the need to order a digital adapter to ensure continued access to all digital channels.

Some residents who opted not to order this special adapter (and decided to stick with their basic service) have complained that their Government Access channel (channel 10) is now scrambled and no longer viewable.

If you experienced this problem, WOW technicians have instructed us that affected subscribers must run a channel scan on their TV set(s). This is done by accessing the "menu" selection on your TV set's remote and selecting "scan" (for more help, refer to the "channel scan" section of your TV set's instruction manual). This should eliminate the problem.


Dearborn Heights 2014 Water Quality Report is Now Available

Interested in knowing more about the quality of Dearborn Heights' water? The new 2014 Water Quality Report is completed, and available for review.

Click here for a copy of the 2014 Water Quality Report.


City Council Meetings Now on YouTube

The City of Dearborn Heights City Council meetings are now available for viewing in their entirety on YouTube. The recordings begin with the first meeting of 2015, which was the January 13 meeting. Current meetings will be loaded onto the YouTube system, and will be available 2-3 days following the actual meeting date (due to the amount of time it takes to upload the large files into the YouTube system).

Click here to view the City of Dearborn Heights Council meetings.


Wayne County Announces 2015 Hazard Household Chemical Collection Dates and Sites

Wayne County's Department of Public Service's Land Resource Management Division has announced the dates and sites for its 2015 Household Hazardous Waste Collections. There will be five dates/sites throughout the year in locations throughout Western and Southern Wayne County.

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Heights Adopts Cell Phone-Based Ping4Alerts! System for Emergency Public Notifications

The City of Dearborn Heights has adopted the cell phone-based Ping4Alerts! system for providing emergency notifications to residents. In order to receive these messages, residents must download the free Ping4Alerts! application on their smart phones.

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Curbside Recycling - What Can (and Can't) be Recycled

Do you ever wonder (as you are preparing to drop that item in your recycling bin) if it is on the "acceptable" list for recycling? Wonder no more - the Waste Management Corporation has produced a convenient handout explaining what can (and can't) be recycled.

Click here to see Waste Management's recycling guidelines.

Residents Reminded to "Run Their Water" After Water Main Breaks

The City of Dearborn Heights has experienced a number of water main breaks over the past several weeks. In many cases, small amounts of rust coloration are released into the water supply as the repairs are being made. If you experience this discoloration in your water, you should simply run it for a short period (10-15 minutes) until the discoloration dissipates and your water appears clear again.Although not harmful if consumed, laundering white or light-colored fabrics in discolored water could result in rust-colored stains.
Thinking about building a rain garden? Click here for some helpful information and tips.

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