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21-089 Motion by Councilman Muscat, seconded by Councilman Constan to approve the Resolution for New Mayor Appointee and create the position of Director of Grants and Budget Compliance (DGBC_ and authorize the Mayor to fill this position temporarily for a period of six (6) months. In addition, authorize the City Comptroller to fund the DGBC position from the Mayor's Office Budget for FY 2020 Account 101-171-726.000 and submit to Council potential budget amendment as needed as outlined in 11-A. Per Councilman Muscat, Counciman Abdel-Hak and Councilman Wencel communication dated February 9, 2021 (as follows). 

New Mayor Appointee Position

Tuesday February 9, 2021 Regular Meeting

Proposed by Council Member Ray Muscat, Zouher Abdel-Hak, Tom Wencel

Whereas, the title of new position will be: Director of Grants and Budget Compliance (DGBC). And;

Whereas, the appointee will be a full-time employee and report to the Mayor. And;

Whereas, the appointee’s annual salary will be 76,000 (seventy-six thousand dollars). And;

Whereas, the appointee will assist the city council members with city legislative matters. And;

Whereas, the appointee will be responsible for the cit., grants solicitations, applications, implementation, progress and compliance. And;

Whereas, the appointee will track the city’s budgetary transactions and funds activities for internal control and compliance. And;

Whereas, the appointee will be the city’s point of contact regarding compliance matters as it relates to the city budget and grants. And;

Whereas, the appointee will assist the city administration, treasurer’s department, and council members with resolutions writing, research., data verifications and validations. And;

Whereas, the appointee will be assigned by the Mayor to other city tasks as needed. And;

Whereas, the appointee will assist the city administration with contract negotiations. And;

Whereas., the appointee will be allocated among city departments and grants as served, and the cost will be reimbursed to the Mayor Office budget. And;

Whereas, the appointee must preferably have 5 (five) years of working experience as a Director or department Head with similar Michigan municipalities. And;

Whereas, the appointee must preferably hold a master’s degree from a US accredited higher education institution in the field of administration, and a bachelor’s degree with accounting major, or an associate’s degree in accounting. And;

Resolved that the city council approve the creation of the Director of Grants and Budget Compliance (DGBC) position and authorize the Mayor to fill it. And, be it further;

Resolved that the City Council authorize the City Comptroller to fund the (DGBC) position from the Mayors office budget for FY 2020 account # 101-171-726-000, and submit to council potential budget amendment if needed.

To apply, please submit a City application and/or cover letter with a resume to the Human Resource Department (6045 Fenton, Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127).  This material can also be emailed to eperry@ci.dearborn-heights.mi.us. 


Must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid, non-restricted Michigan driver’s license. All applicants must have the following documentation at the time of application:
  • College transcripts indicating 60 hours of college credit in criminal justice. For applicants who do not have 60 college credits completed, please submit proof of employment as a full-time police officer. Applicants with three years of full-time employment as a police officer do not have the college education requirement. Each year of full-time employment as a police officer will replace 20 college credits in the education requirement. Therefore, candidates may have a combination of college credits and police officer work experience.
  • Proof of completion of the Police Academy or proof of current enrollment in the Academy
  • For applicants who have completed the Academy, a letter from MCOLES proving certification or ability to be certified
  • EMPCO test score (or proof of registration for future exam)
  • A copy of MCOLES physical agility certification. To clarify, all candidates must have a current MCOLES physical agility certification or must be registered for the upcoming examination at the time of application.
An official application can be submitted via email to eperry@ci.dearborn-heights.mi.us and may be obtained online at http://www.egovlink.com/public_documents300/dearbornheights/published_documents/Forms/HR/Employment%20Application_Police_Fire.pdf or from Human Resource Department, 6045 Fenton, Dearborn Heights.

  • Must pass Civil Service written examination administered by Dearborn Heights OR EMPCO written examination with a score of 70% or higher
  • Must pass an Oral Interview with a score of 70% of higher.
  • Must pass background check.
  • Must pass post-offer physical examination with a drug/alcohol screening.
To schedule complete a profile and take the EMPCO test for these position, go to https://www.empco.net/testing/ and follow the instructions. There is a fee to take the examination, but results of this one test will be accepted by all participating police departments in Michigan.

We currently have some part-time opportunities in our Recreation Department. The City maintains two Senior Centers and two additional recreational facilities (Canfield Center and Richard A. Young Center). We are accepting applications for part-time custodians and receptionists/office personnel. Applications can be downloaded and submitted via email to eperry@ci.dearborn-heights.mi.us. Please feel free to call 313-791-3420 or email eperry@ci.dearborn-heights.mi.us if you have any questions. 

The City of Dearborn Heights is an Equal Opportunity Employer.