Fire Department

Chief David Brogan has been with the fire department since February of 1992.  In that time, he has served as a Firefighter, Pump Operator, Lieutenant, Captain and Fire Marshal.  He was one of the original 9 paramedics when the department began providing advance life  services to the community.

Dave held many elected positions as a member of the Dearborn Heights Professional Firefighters Union Local 1355, giving him experience with management and labor.  He has worked in both fire suppression and fire prevention.  These positions have prepared Dave to be a well rounded Fire Chief.

The fire service has been a big part of Dave's life, as his father was firefighter for the City of Detroit, retiring as Senior Chief after 38 years of service.  Dave is married to his wife of 22 years and has three children.

In October of 2013, he completed Eastern Michigan University's school of Staff and command for the fire service.  Dave is also a member of the national Fire Protection Association and the International Association of Fire Chiefs.


Deputy Chief Vaskin Badalow

Fire Marshal Douglas Bailey has been with Dearborn Heights Fire Department for over 20 years and has been a paramedic for 22 years.  Throughout his career he has moved through the ranks of Firefighter, Pump Operator/Engineer, Lieutenant and was promoted to Fire Marshal in June 2014. 

FM Bailey is also a member of the Western Wayne County Urban Search and Rescue team since its formation and is part of the High Angle Rescue /Ropes Committee.  Other department positions he holds include Dispatch Liaison and the Technology Committee for the purpose of improving inter-department relations and enhancing the fire safety for its personnel and the community.  

He has been a resident of Dearborn Heights for the past 20 years and is active in the community.  He also has many family members who are firefighters, a brother in Livonia, sister in the City of Northville, my brother-in-law from Plymouth Township (Ret.) and is currently with the City of Northville, and a nephew. 

His son Sam is pursuing a carrier in the fire Service, son Brian is doing a great job with his family, son Joey is going to College for Computer technologies in Arizona, and lovely daughter Rachel who attending Schoolcraft College Culinary arts.