Office Location
Our office is located at City Hall at 6045 Fenton, Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127.

Contact Information
To Report Ordinance Violations: (313) 791-3497
Animal Control: (313) 791-3497 (for animal emergencies call (313) 277-6770)
Regular Office Hours
8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday
For information on Property Maintenance & Ordinance Enforcement click here

What is the purpose of having ordinances in the City of Dearborn Heights?
Ordinances are adopted to protect and promote the health, safety, comfort, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare of residents and businesses in the City. More specifically ordinances ensure Dearborn Heights continues to be a clean, safe and desirable community, protecting your investment as a home or business owner in the City. As the spring and summer months move forward, we will continue to work with our residents to resolve ordinance related issues.

Residents are encouraged to report ordinance violations in their neighborhood. This can be done by calling the Ordinance Department directly at 313-791-3497.

All residents are encouraged to to review the City's ordinances by visiting the “Ordinances Online” link in the City Government tab.

FOR ALL ANIMAL EMERGENCIES such as a dog or cat at large or injured animals, please contact the Police Department at 313-277-6770.

The City of Dearborn Heights uses Michigan Humane Society-Westland for stray animal holding. If you have a lost animal in Dearborn Heights, you may contact MHS at (866) 648-6263 to inquire about your lost pet, or visit them at 900 N. Newburgh Rd., Westland, MI 48135. 


TO: All owners, occupants or possessors of any lot or parcel of land within the City of Dearborn Heights: 

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that in accordance with Chapter 33, Article III, of the Code of Ordinances, City of Dearborn Heights, Michigan, all noxious weeds, or other weeds, grass, brush, or deleterious, unhealthy growths exceeding a height of six (6) inches, growing, standing or lying upon any property in the City of Dearborn Heights, shall be cut down, destroyed or removed as the case may be, at least twice in each year, once during the last half of the month of May and again during the last half of July of each year and more often as may be necessary. If the owner or occupant, or any person or persons, agent, firm, or corporation having control or management of any lot or parcel of land upon which any building or buildings have been erected shall fail, refuse, or neglect to comply with the above mentioned Code provisions, the City shall cause the weeds, grass, brush, deleterious, unhealthy growths, rubbish, to be cut down, destroyed or removed and the owner or occupant, or any person or persons, agent, firm, or corporation having control or management shall be responsible for a municipal civil infraction. Provided, further, that any lot or parcel of land which is situated within any area between the lower or upper banks of such streams or watercourses shall be exempted from the provisions of such Code provisions. The expense incurred by the City in the cutting, destruction and/or removal of same, together with an administrative charge of $75.00 or 25% of the contractor's fee, whichever is more, will be levied and collected against such property in the manner provided by law. 

(Ord. No. H-98-10, I, 4-14-98; Ord. No. H-06-03, 1, 5-9-06; Ord. No. H-09-08, I, 6-23-09; Ord. No. H-11-03, I, 2-22-11)