Investigative Division

The Directed Patrol Unit (DPU) is a four officer unit, whose primary purpose is to provide a quick and targeted response to problem areas, situations, and persons within the City of Dearborn Heights. Officers of the DPU may operate completely undercover or in uniform, depending on the nature of their assignment. Examples of DPU assignments include:

  • Providing saturation patrols and/or surveillance in areas where there has been a rash of criminal activity (such as larcenies, robberies, or stolen vehicles)
  • Providing heavy and visible police presence at locations (such as city parks) where there are general complaints of criminal activity
  • Addressing specific yearly problems such as underage drinking at graduation parties, summer drag-racers and loiterers, and 4th of July fireworks
  • Searching for persons wanted on 20th District Court (Dearborn Heights) warrants or wanted by detective bureau investigators
  • Searching for persons or vehicles wanted in connection with crimes that have just occurred
  • Assisting the narcotics unity in investigations in the execution of search warrants

Any known information to pass along to this unit can be given at 313-277-7490.