Police Department

The Dearborn Heights Reserve Police Officer Program currently has (14)reserve police officers.  Reserve police officers volunteer their time in service of their community and provide an invaluable supplement to the full-time sworn police officers of the department.  Reserve police officers  provide traffic and crowd control at parades, sporting events and festivals.  Dearborn Heights police reserves also provide traffic control and police protection in Hines Park during the spring & summer Saturday bicycles only event.

Reserve Officers also conduct vacation checks at homes of residents who are out of town on vacation.  Residents that would like their residences checked by the Police Department while they are out of town, may fill out a residential security inspection form and our Reserve Officers will periodically check your home while you are away. If you are unable to obtain the form, you may contact Janet Lucas at 313.277.7408 and she can assist you.

Reserve police officers undergo an extensive background investigation and then must attend and pass the Reserve Police Academy.  All police reserves carry the same equipment and weapons as full-time officers and have police powers when working directly under a full-time police officer.