Clerk's Office


The ACT 78 Police & Fire Civil Service Commission was established to provide a civil service system for full-time paid members in the Fire and Police Departments based on Michigan Public Act 78 of 1935. The Commission oversees all matters related to appointment, employment, and promotion of all full-time paid members in the Fire and Police Departments. In accordance with Act 78, the Commission regulates transfers, reinstatements, suspensions, and discharges of police officers or firefighters. When appropriate, the Commission conducts investigations, holds hearings, and prescribes penalties or repeals acts.

Meeting Dates & Times 

First Monday of the Month at 10 a.m.

Meeting Location 
At the Council Conference Room in the Dearborn Heights City Hall
located at 6045 Fenton, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127.

Current Commissioners 

Martin Crandall, President
Stephen Lobkovich, Secretary
Stephen Popp
Elisabeth Sobota-Perry, Recording Secretary

For further information regarding this commission, please contact:

Elisabeth Sobota-Perry
Human Resource Department
6045 Fenton
Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127