Clerk's Office

The Demolition Board of Appeals hears appeals from the owners of properties that have been condemned to determine if the property is able to be brought up to current codes within a limited time frame without exceeding the value of the property.  The owner is asked to provide details of the work to be done, estimates, if funding is available to complete this, and proof of ownership.  Many times this requires at least two meetings to complete.  There are 5 members on the commission.

Meeting Dates & Times 
Meet as needed @ 5:00 p.m.

Meetings are held in the City Council Conference Room in the Dearborn Heights City Hall, located at 6045 Fenton, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127. 
Current Commissioners
Frank Mastroianni
Ali Eldarini
Tom Wencel
Eric Watland, Director
Mark Roberts, Corporate Counsel
For further information regarding this commission, please contact:
City of Dearborn Heights Building Department