Clerk's Office

The TIFA Board oversees the TIFA  Development Plan and coordinates expenditure of taxes captured within the designated TIFA area (Michigan Avenue on the north; Van Born on the South; Telegraph Road on the east; and Inkster Road/Beech Daly Road on the west) which are used for projects to improve the infrastructure, businesses and neighborhoods in the TIFA area.  The Board is also responsible for yearly TIFA budget preparation for City Council approval.

Meeting Dates & Times
The TIFA Board usually meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month, as necessary.  


2nd Floor TIFA Office at the Dearborn Heights Justice Center: 25637 Michigan Avenue.

Current Commissioners

Tim Emery, Chairman
William Davis
Richard Fetzer
Eleanor Gnatek
David Hull
Donald Killion
Lisa Korte
Rose Tripepi
Donald Willis
Cheryl Wojciechowski