Hot weather represents a unique challenge to local electrical distribution Companies (DTE in our case). Capacity of the transmission/Distribution lines (AKA Trunk-lines) which brings the high voltage power to our city, coupled with high demand during extremely high temperature present a challenge to our supply lines.

In the last two weeks, one of the main trunk-lines serving our city among other areas, was re-routed for repairs. Normally  that is done behind the scenes and the end users will not notice any disruptions. 

The issue today is that this trunk-line is not back in service and the anticipated temperature this week is expected to reach the mid to upper 90’s by Wednesday. Even with interruptible services and load shedding, this may present a challenge to our distribution company.

To prevent electrical outage ( specially in high demand summer month) our engineering staff is working with DTE to place a number of large diesel generators on stand-by in key areas throughout the city starting this weekend (July 31, 2022).

These generators will be ready to provide the necessary power to a number of sub-stations that were identified by DTE as susceptible to outage in case of capacity shortage.  Our engineering staff and DTE have identified the following locations for generator installations :

  • 25600 W. Warren
  • 24480 George Street
  • 6609 N. Telegraph Road (Video Exclusive)
  • 24949 Hass
  • 2045 Amboy Street

Please keep in mind that this is work-in -progress, more locations may be added and your cooperation and understanding is highly appreciated. This equipment will only be utilized if needed as a contingency, our goal is to avoid hot weather outage and the resulting hardship to the citizens of our city.