Dearborn Heights implements Code Red emergency notification system
Program allows residents to receive alerts via their cell phones directly from City departments regarding emergencies and City developments

Dearborn Heights Mayor Bill Bazzi, along with Police Chief Jerrod Hart and Fire Chief David Brogan announced the implementation of the Code Red emergency alert system – a free cell phone-based communications system that allows public safety officials to alert residents and businesses regarding emergency (and potentially hazardous) situations occurring throughout the city through their choice of communications vehicles, including telephone, cell phone, text messages, e-mail and social media vehicles.

The system is housed in and managed by the Dearborn Heights Police Department, but is not limited to police matters. Notifications of all types of significant events, such as street closures (resulting from a host of activities, including street construction & repair, structure fires, police events, etc.) will be sent out to subscribers, as well as alerts warning of potentially dangerous weather conditions, along with selected non-emergency information, such as upcoming city events, etc. To ensure integrity of the program, only authorized City officials will have access to sending alerts. In order to receive the alerts, individuals must register to receive them for their area. The service is free to subscribers, and subscribers can select specifically what type(s) of alerts they would like to receive. Only emergency messages will be sent out during overnight hours (general non-emergency messages will be sent only during daytime and early evening hours).

In order to register to receive Code Red alerts, residents need to sign up by texting “DHALERTS” to 99411, or look for the Code Red Mobile Alert app in the app store of their choice. The service is free.

“This is an outstanding service that will help keep our residents on top of significant events taking place throughout the community”, Mayor Bazzi commented. “I hope all of our residents and business owners will take advantage of this free service by signing up.”

Police Chief Jerrod Hart, whose department will oversee the implementation of the program, is equally optimistic. “In past positions before coming Chief here in Dearborn Heights, we actively used these types of services – and the benefits to the residents was excellent. Any vehicle we can use to better inform residents on hazardous (or potentially hazardous) situations is a GREAT service.”

Code Red